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Zoom Classes this week (and next)!

November is in full swing and so are Zoom classes! Don't forget to sign up for Zoom classes which will take place this week 11/10/20-11/12/20 and also next week 11/17/20-11/19/20.

The theme for the teaching videos the next two weeks is "A day in the life of a student!". During the Zoom classes I will reinforce the vocabulary that is taught in those videos. In addition, the story videos are about school.

Here is a list of this week's new videos:

Teaching Video: "A day in the life of a student!" (Level 1)

Music Video: Las Vocales / The Vowels

Pronunciation Video: The Letter "G"

Story Video: Spot va a la escuela

I hope your kids are enjoying the videos! I love your feedback so please don't hesitate to email me:


Sra. Quaid


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