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SimplySpanish Teacher Laura Quaid

The SimplySpanish teaching philosophy

Hi, I am Laura Quaid, or as my students know me, Sra. Quaid, the owner of SimplySpanish.  Living and studying in Spain were experiences that changed my life forever. I developed a deeper appreciation for different cultures and realized that learning a second language is not an elective but rather an important life skill.

SimplySpanish Founder Laura Quaid

From that point forward, my mission has been to open a new door to a child's world through teaching Spanish. I do this through songs, storytelling, games, and a good deal of repetition and recycling information. The goal is to get the kids to USE the language rather than just memorize words.

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"I am an adult who shows love and passion to both kids and teaching, and it is contagious."

I developed SimplySpanish because I recognized the need for an online, “on-demand" way of teaching.  Finding the time to have your child learn a second language due to sports schedules, parents' work schedules, etc. can be incredibly challenging. By having video lessons able to be viewed at any time allows you to plan your child's education around your schedule. 

I help my clients by getting them interested and excited about learning a second language. The lessons are so much fun that it doesn't even seem like learning or a "chore" to complete off of the "to-do" list. Most of my students ask to learn Spanish as it is unique and different from their other instruction.

¡Vámonos! Let's get started on this Spanish adventure together!

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Sra. Laura Quaid, Founder


About Laura Quaid

SimplySpanish is founded and run by teacher Laura Quaid.  Mrs. Quaid has over thirty years of teaching experience at a variety of different levels: ten years at the high school level, five years at the college level, and seventeen years at the pre-kindergarten and elementary level. She has a deep history with the country of Spain, having studied abroad in Seville her junior year of college and spending three summers traveling through Spain learning first-hand the culture, the land, and of course, the language.  She was voted "Teacher of the Year" at Ben Davis High School in Indianapolis, IN, graduated magna cum laude, is Phi Beta Kappa, as well as a cooperative learning trainer.

Laura Quaid, SimplySpanish teacher

Ready to starting learning?

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