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What parents are saying

about SimplySpanish

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"We’ve cherished every moment that our kids have been studying español with Sra. Quaid! The curriculum, combined with her fun, fresh and highly effective teaching style is an A+!! Both of our kids love speaking Spanish with her in class and have fun practicing at home without hesitation! Under her tutelage, they’ve developed not only an extensive conversational vocabulary, but a better understanding and broadened awareness of the world and other cultures. The education they’ve received thus far in their Spanish studies with Sra. Quaid has been invaluable. She’s inspired a love for the language that will continue their/our life, no doubt!"

Julia S.

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"When I asked my girls what they liked best about Sra. Quaid’s Spanish class they both answered…FUN! I could not have asked for a better introductory experience for my kids. They loved the music and learning about Spanish speaking countries all over the world. As a parent I very much appreciated Laura’s enthusiasm and positive attitude. Her patience and creativity kept my very different learners engaged and interested in a language and cultures different from their own."

Heather S.

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"Señora Quaid taught our children Spanish in both preschool and at the elementary school level . She deeply cares about all of her students and has a genuine gift of teaching the language and also sharing her knowledge of the culture with her students. Her enthusiasm for the Spanish language is absorbed by all of her students which makes it easier and way more FUN to learn the language!"

Danielle R.

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"Between my three boys, Señora Quaid has been teaching our family for over six years in multiple schools. Due to Covid-19, we all had the pleasure of figuring out at-home learning together and potentially a new future in learning. While many struggled during this transition, she rose to the challenge and stood out as the light we needed to guide our path. Señora Quaid went above and beyond trying to connect with her students and ensure their continued success. I have the utmost confidence in her teaching style, creativity, and ability to connect with both students and parents. My boys love her as a teacher and how special she makes them feel as individuals. We are so pleased that she has once again gone above and beyond to create a platform to connect with my children beyond school and in these uncertain times. She may not realize it, but with her new program, she will be stuck with our family for many more years to come!"

Stacy R.

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