Frequently asked questions

What is the target audience for SimplySpanish?

Children ages 3-12.

What do I get when I subscribe to SimplySpanish?

Unlimited access to all videos in four categories: teaching, music, pronunciation, and stories. In addition, your child will have access to two online Zoom sessions per month.

How do I sign up for SimplySpanish?

Click on any of the "Start Now!" links on our website, or go to the plans page Select either the monthly or yearly plan. The checkout page will prompt you to create an account by entering your email and password. Once you do, you can complete the checkout process using a credit card or PayPal. When the checkout is complete, your membership is active. Once you log into the site, you will have access to the video library as well as the schedule of Zoom classes that you can sign up for.

Can I get a preview of what SimplySpanish offers?

Yes! Enter your email here to receive free sample videos in four categories: teaching, music, pronunciation, and stories.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Send an email to and your subscription will not be renewed the following month.

How long are the videos?

All videos are between 8-15 minutes.

My child has already taken two years of Spanish in an enrichment program. Will SimplySpanish offer new material for him/her to learn?

The teaching videos will have three different levels, with each level being more advanced so students of all ages and abilities will be able to learn new material.

Should my child watch a teaching, music, pronunciation, or story video more than once?

Absolutely! S/he should watch each video many times to practice what is being taught. The beauty of SimplySpanish is that you can control when, how often, and where your child watches the videos. SimplySpanish is always available!