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How would YOU describe yourself?

"¡Hola! Yo soy bajo, simpático y cómico. Tengo los ojos cafés. También, soy paciente, trabajador y responsable. ¿Y tú? ¿Cómo eres?"

To understand how Río described himself you'll need to go to and watch the teaching videos "Who am I? (Levels 1, 2 & 3)" where you'll learn descriptive adjectives as well as how to describe your hair and eyes. It's fun to talk about ourselves!

SimplySpanish videos posted this week include:

Teaching Video: "Who am I! (Level 3)"

Story Video: Carlos es responsable. (Carlos is responsible.)

Calling all students to sign up for Live Tutoring Sessions this week (March 21-25, 2022). Here is the link to sign up or feel free to email Sra. Quaid for more options.

Looking forward to "seeing" you soon!


Sra. Quaid


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