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Who's still hungry?

SimplySpanish presents "Part 2" of the teaching video "What do I eat for lunch/dinner? (Level 2)". During "Part 1" of the video we learned about some typical Mexican foods: rice, beans, mayonnaise with lime, popsicles, juice, spices and cheese. This week kids learn about Mexican candy, tortillas, hot sauce, mole, sweet bread and piñatas. Wow! I'm getting hungry just talking about this wonderful Mexican food!

Animation is coming to SimplySpanish teaching videos in September!! Be on the lookout for some changes made to the website as well as more entertaining teaching videos for the kids!

Zoom classes take place this week (8/24/21). Sign up here!. I know most kids are back in school so feel free to email me if you are having trouble finding a day/time that works for your schedule. During the zoom classes I will be talking about Mexican food and teaching kids how to order food in a restaurant.

I'm excited to begin year 2 of SimplySpanish! Thank you for journeying with me!


Sra. Quaid


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