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What's your favorite season?

It might only be March, but the kids in this photo look like they are ready for Summer! I think it's unanimous that they vote for summer as their favorite season! What's your favorite season? SimplySpanish releases its newest teaching video entitled "What should I wear today? (Level 3)" where kids will learn about the four seasons in Spanish as well as new clothing vocabulary. Weather expressions and clothing vocabulary from levels 1 & 2 will also be reviewed.

Here is a list of new videos posted this week:

Teaching Video: "What should I wear today! (Level 3)"

Music Video: El Tiempo / The Weather

Pronunciation Video: Las Sílabas / The Syllables

Story Video: Las Estaciones / The Seasons

Zoom classes will take place this week (3/8/21). Click here to sign up! Students will be able to practice what they learned in the teaching videos "It's vacation time! (Level 1)" and "What should I wear today? (Level 2)". I'm so excited to work with the students this week!

SimplySpanish hopes you enjoy Spring Break during the week of March 15th. Videos will not be posted that week but will resume the week of March 22nd.


Sra. Quaid


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