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What's YOUR favorite activity?

It looks like Río prefers swimming! There's nothing better than a refreshing dip in the pool when it's hot and sunny in México!

This week's teaching video is entitled "What shall I do today? (Level 1)" and teaches six action verbs that are used with the expression "Me gusta" which means "I like". I'm confident the kids will enjoy more video footage from México in this teaching video!

Here is a list of this week's videos:

Teaching Video: "What shall I do today? (Level 1)"

Music Video: BINGO

Pronunciation Video: The Letter "S"

Story Video: Si yo tuviera un DRAGÓN / If I had a DRAGON

Next week are the last Zoom classes of January 2021! Be sure to get your child(ren) signed up!

During the Zoom classes I will be reviewing the action verbs from the newest teaching video.

I hear Río calling me so I need to go! He wants to get back in the pool!


Sra. Quaid


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