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What do YOU want to eat?

Cake sounds good to me! But wait, maybe I should start with some protein!

SimplySpanish introduces kids to more lunch and dinner food vocabulary in the new teaching video entitled "What do I want for lunch/dinner? (Level 3)". Food items like "el pollo (chicken)", "el bistec (steak)", and "las papas fritas (french fries)" plus 5 more are added to help students learn many common foods in Spanish. And did you know that there are different words for a fish that is alive and a fish that isn't alive anymore?? Make sure to watch the video to find out the difference! Also released is a fun music video!

SimplySpanish videos posted this week include:

Teaching Video: "What do I eat for lunch/dinner? (Level 3)"

Music Video: Tengo hambre (I'm hungry)

Guess what week it is? It's Live Tutoring Session week (AKA Zoom classes)! Sign up here or email me for more options!

Wishing you a great end to February!


Sra. Quaid

P.S. Although the teaching video should say "Level 3", I made a mistake and labeled it "Level 2". I've tried to correct it but technology is smarter than I am!! The video to watch this week is the one with the picture of potatoes/French fries on the thumbnail. Sorry about that!


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