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Welcome to SimplySpanish

Where learning is fun and interactive!

SimplySpanish is your destination for Spanish teaching videos for young learners. We developed SimplySpanish because we recognized the need for an online, “on-demand" way of teaching. Finding the time to have your child learn a second language due to sports schedules, parents' work schedules, etc. can be incredibly challenging. By having video lessons able to be viewed at any time allows you to plan your child's education around your schedule.

Simply Spanish is founded by teacher Laura Quaid. Known as Sra. Quaid, she helps her students get interested and excited about learning a second language. The lessons are so much fun that they don't even seem like learning or a "chore" to complete off of the "to-do" list.

Videos are updated every month, so your child will always have access to new video lessons. You can receive 3 free video lessons to try right now! Simply visit: and sign up.

¡Vámonos! Let's get started on this Spanish adventure together!


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