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SimplySpanish Parrot Makes Debut!

Guess who flew in from México? The adorable parrot from the SimplySpanish website has arrived to help teach kids Spanish!

Did you know that only two creatures on Earth can produce human language, humans...and birds, with parrots being the best bird at imitating human speech. That is why the parrot is part of the SimplySpanish logo. Like parrots, kids are also able to imitate and mimic sounds which is what they need to do to learn a language.

SimplySpanish provides a fun and interactive way to learn conversational Spanish via teaching videos, music videos and pronunciation videos. Kids have the opportunity to repeat vocabulary and phrases, answer questions, and even sing along while watching the videos.

Today, the SimplySpanish parrot made his debut in the teaching video "Hello! It's nice to meet you! (Level 2)". Site members can log onto SimplySpanish to view the parrot in action. The parrot will appear in many of the future teaching videos.

Other videos that were posted today include a super fun song entitled "Soy una pizza" (I'm a pizza) and a pronunciation video that teaches the letter "O".

Thank you for allowing SimplySpanish to teach your child(ren) Spanish!

¡Hasta pronto!

Sra. Laura Quaid


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