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SimplySpanish adds 3 new videos!

SimplySpanish is pleased to announce that 3 new videos have been added to its video library! We can’t wait for you to view them!

Below is a list of current videos as well as recently added videos:

Current Teaching Videos: Recently added Teaching Video:

Hello! It’s nice to meet you! Level 1 It’s my birthday! When is yours? Level 1

What shall I wear today? Level 1

On the move! Level 1

Current Music Videos: Recently added Music Video:

El Ritmo del Tambor/The Rhythm of the Drum Los Meses del Año/Months of the Year

Hola, Hola

Current Pronunciation Videos: Recently added Pronunciation Video:

The letter H The letters B and V

To get access to ALL videos in the video library PLUS live Zoom classes, go to SimplySpanish and become a site member. Choose either the monthly plan or the annual plan for access to videos and Zoom classes for ALL children ages 3-12 in your family!

¡Vámonos! Let’s get started on this adventure together!


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