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Mary had a little...llama??!!

It looks like Mary traded her lamb in for a llama! At SimplySpanish we continue to learn about farm animals in the most recent teaching video "Let's visit the farm!" (Level 2). Farm animals from the level 1 video are reviewed and then students learn 5 new farm animals and their colors!

Check out these new SimplySpanish videos posted this week:

Teaching Video: "Let's visit the farm! (Level 2)"

Music Video: Mi tío tiene una granja / My uncle has a farm

Pronunciation Video: Las Sílabas parte 2 / The Syllables part 2

Story Video: María tenía una llamita / Mary had a little llama

Zoom classes will be held this week on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday (March 23-25, 2021). Click here to sign up! The focus will be on the content from the teaching videos "What should I wear today? Level 3" and "Let's visit the farm! Level 2".

For those of you who like to plan ahead, April's Zoom classes will take place the weeks of April 5th and April 19th.

Enjoy the beginning of our new season "la primavera"!


Sra. Quaid


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