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How do YOU feel?

Are you happy? Sad? Surprised? Bored? So many feelings, so little time!

SimplySpanish releases two new videos that talk about feelings and emotions! This weeks teaching video is entitled "How do I feel? (Level 1)" and the music video is entitled "Las emociones / Emotions". Kids learn basic feelings and emotions in this level 1 video as well as the appropriate verb used with these emotions. The song has a catchy tune that is repetitive so kids can sing along!

Live Tutoring Sessions will take place October 5th, 6th, and 7th. Sign up here or email me with your preferred day and time! Students should watch the teaching video "How do I feel? (Level 1)" and music video "Las emociones" before their Live Tutoring Session with Sra. Quaid.

¡Feliz octubre!

Sra. Quaid


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