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Home Sweet Home!

"Mi casa es su casa" is a common Spanish saying that basically means

"Make yourself at home!". It lets a guest know that s/he can feel welcome

in the home. SimplySpanish debuts a new teaching category entitled

"Home Sweet Home" (Level 1) which teaches kids different rooms in

a house/an apartment and what activities take place in those rooms. Other

videos released this week include a music video that teaches the 7 days

of the week in Spanish.

New SimplySpanish videos posted this week include:

Teaching Video: "Home Sweet Home! (Level 1)"

Music Video: Siete días en la semana / 7 days of the week

Live Tutoring Classes take place this week (1/25/22-1/28/22) so be sure

to sign up here! Sra. Quaid can help schedule a session for you if you

choose to email her!

Enjoy the last week of January!


Sra. Quaid


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