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Hola from SimplySpanish!

SimplySpanish would like to say "Hola" to all of you and thank you for entrusting us to teach your child conversational Spanish! Through teaching videos, music videos, and pronunciation videos your child will not only learn Spanish but will also have fun doing so!

The most recent videos that were added to the video library are the following:

Teaching video: "Let's visit the Zoo!" Level 1

Music video: Zoo...Zoológico by Ms. Lily Spanish Sing-along

Pronunciation Video: The Letter "A"

Zoom Classes begin this week! There are currently 12 classes to choose from on the following dates:

Tuesday, September 15th

Thursday, September 17th

Tuesday, September 29th

Thursday, October 1st

Go to SimplySpanish and log in under the "Site Member" tab. Click on "Attend a Zoom Session" to sign up for a time that works for your family. Each child in your family can sign up for two sessions per month.

¡Vámonos! Let's get started on this Spanish adventure together!

Sra. Laura Quaid


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