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Get out of bed!

"Get out of bed!" How many times do you say that in the morning to your kids? Or to yourself?! This week's teaching video is entitled "Get out of bed!" and teaches reflexive verbs for actions that take place the morning like "I wake up!", "I brush my teeth!", and "I comb my hair". It was really fun to create this video! I hope your kids get a chuckle out of my silliness!!

Here is a list of this week's new videos:

Teaching Video: "Get out of bed!" (Level 1)

Music Video: ¡Sí, yo puedo! (Yes, I can!)

Pronunciation Video: The Letter "L"

Story Video: Soy bajito / I'm short

For the pronunciation videos, you may notice that I did not do a video for the letter "K". Guess why? Although the letter K is part of the Spanish alphabet, it only appears in what are considered "loanwords" such as "kilo" and "karate".

To get the hard "K" sound in Spanish, they use "QU" (followed by and "I" or an "E") or the letter "C" (followed by "A", "O", or "U"). Some examples are:

qué- what cabeza- head

queso- cheese comer- to eat

quince- fifteen cuatro- four

This week there are Zoom classes on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (December 1-3, 2020). I look forward to seeing the kids soon!


Sra. Quaid


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