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Farm Field Trip!

This week's videos are about farm animals. What a fun day I had visiting the local farm that I took my kids to when they were young! In the teaching video "Let's visit the farm! (Level 1)" kids will learn how to say the animal names for many farm animals including cow, horse, goat, pig and more! Be sure to go to SimplySpanish to view this fun video!

Here is a list of this week's new videos:

Teaching Video: "Let's visit the farm!" (Level 1)

Music Video: ¡Vengan a ver mi granja! (Come and see my farm!)

Pronunciation Video: The Letter "M"

Story Video: La vaca que decía "Oink" / The cow that said "Oink"

Last week's Zoom classes were awesome! It's always fun to teach students vocabulary that pertains to school since that is what they spend most of their time focusing on. Remember to sign up for the upcoming Zoom classes that take place December 15-17, 2020.

Have a fabulous week!


Sra. Quaid


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