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El Día de los Muertos 2021

November 1st and 2nd commemorate the official celebration of "El Día de los Muertos" or "Day of the Dead" when families in Mexico and other Spanish-speaking countries honor their loved one who have passed away. This week's new teaching video entitled "Let's celebrate! Día de los Muertos 2021" was recorded at El Museo de las Tres Colonias, a local museum decorated for Day of the Dead. Sra. Jody Snow walks us through the quaint museum and explains the importance of Day of the Dead to the Hispanic community. In addition, a story video is being released that also explains the many traditions of this significant holiday.

Sra. Quaid will conduct Live Tutoring Sessions this week (November 2-4)! The focus will be on the Music Video entitled "¿Qué mascota tienes tú? (What pet do you have?)" so be sure to view that video before the tutoring sessions if possible. Please know that you can always email me if you need a specific day and time for the tutoring session.


Sra. Quaid


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