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Calling all Superheroes!

Kids may dress up as superheroes, but the today's real superheroes are parents! Not only are parents parenting, they are also teaching, nurturing, encouraging, coaching, and providing a positive and healthy environment so their children can be life-long learners.

Many parents are looking for a a fun, engaging, and interactive way for their children to learn conversational Spanish. Well look no further! SimplySpanish is your go-to for learning Spanish with unlimited access to the entire video library which includes teaching videos, music videos and pronunciation videos.

Today, the newest teaching video entitled "Meet my Family! (Level 1)" was posted as well as a music video that teaches the days of the week and a pronunciation video about the letter "I".

Kids are asking to learn Spanish via SimplySpanish because it's different than traditional learning. Parents are saying, "The curriculum, combined with the fun, fresh and highly effective teaching style is an A+!!" and also, "Sra. Quaid's enthusiasm for the Spanish language is absorbed by all of her students which makes it easier and way more FUN to learn the language!".

Don't wait another day to get instant access to three free videos or, better yet, become a site member and have access to all videos in the video library PLUS two free Zoom classes per month per child.

¡Vámonos! Let's all be superheroes and get started on this Spanish adventure together!

Sra. Laura Quaid


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