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¡Río tiene hambre!

Río is a growing boy and is ALWAYS hungry!! This week SimplySpanish teaches food vocabulary in the newest teaching video entitled "What do I eat for lunch/dinner? (Level 1)". Learn about popular food items and condiments as well as the difference between lunch and dinner in Spain and the United States.

SimplySpanish videos posted this week include:

Teaching Video: "What do I eat for lunch/dinner? (Level 1)"

Music Video: Tengo hambre / I'm hungry

Pronunciation Video: La pronunciación del almuerzo y la cena

Story Video: Por favor, Sr. Panda

Zoom classes will take place next week (May 17-20, 2021). Click here to sign up!

Río is still hungry so I have to make some more food for him! ¡Hasta pronto!


Sra. Quaid


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