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Río enjoys a night out!

Where do you like to go in your town? This past week Río decided a night out at his favorite Mexican restaurant was where he wanted to go! He said the chips and salsa were "muy ricos"!

SimplySpanish releases two new videos this week, a teaching video and a story video. The Level 2 teaching video is entitled "Where do I like to go in my town?" Kids learn 6 more places they can go in their towns and also get a quick review of the places that were taught in the level 1 video.

SimplySpanish videos released this week include:

Teaching Video: "Where do I like to go in my town? (Level 2)"

Story Video: Monstruo y el amor (Monster and love)

Schedule your Live Tutoring Session for this week (3/7/22-3/11/22) by clicking here or emailing Sra. Quaid. The focus of the Live Tutoring Sessions will be "Where do I like to go in my town? (Level 2)".

Enjoy the beginning of March! Spring is right around the corner!


Sra. Quaid

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