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¿Qué te duele? Dr. Río to the rescue!

Dr. Río el Loro wants to help you feel better! This week's teaching video "A visit to the doctor! (Level 2)" reviews level 1 vocabulary and adds 5 new body parts plus ¿Qué te duele? (Where does it hurt?) and how to respond. Also, make sure you check out this week's music video to learn a familiar tune about 5 monkeys and why they should NOT be jumping on the bed!

Check out these new SimplySpanish videos posted this week:

Teaching Video: "A visit to the doctor! (Level 2)"

Music Video: Cinco monitos saltaban en la cama / Five little monkeys jumping on the bed

Pronunciation Video: Las preguntas / Questions

Story Video: Cinco monitos leen en la cama / Five little monkeys read in bed

This week Zoom classes take place. Click here to schedule! The focus will be on the teaching video "Who am I? (Level 2)".

Enjoy the month of "abril" and the beautiful season of "la primavera"!


Sra. Quaid


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