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¿Qué hora es?

Learning to tell time in Spanish is an important skill, especially in our "on the go" society. SimplySpanish introduces a new teaching video entitled "What time is it? (Level 1)" that teaches kids how to tell time in Spanish. After reviewing the numbers 1-12 kids are taught how to say "It's 3:00" or "It's 7:00" or "It's 1:00". We also explain how to state whether the time is in the morning, afternoon or evening/night. The levels 2 & 3 videos will get into telling times like "It's 5:10" or "It's 6:45". Also released this week is a story video called Te deseo más (I wish you more).

Live Tutoring Sessions (formerly known as Zoom classes) will take place this week. Get on the schedule by clicking here! Email me if you don't see your favorite day or time for the tutoring sessions! Make sure your kiddos watch this weeks teaching video "What time is it? (Level 1)" before their live tutoring session.

When you watch this week's videos you will notice an updated "video classroom"! I especially LOVE the story time corner! Hopefully you'll notice better lighting and sound as well!

As always, I truly appreciate you and the opportunity to teach Spanish to your children!


Sra. Quaid


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