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¡Cuidado Río! That alpaca likes to spit!

Watch out Río! Izzy the Alpaca likes to spit...a lot! Río and I went to a fabulous Alpaca Farm and spent time with 4 alpacas. Three of the four alpacas minded their own business, but one of them was not happy to see us! Izzy the Alpaca made it very clear that she wanted her space and she showed that by spitting at us several times! This week's teaching video "Let's visit the farm! (Level 3)" teaches kids where alpacas come from, what they eat, why they spit, and the difference between alpacas and llamas!

SimplySpanish videos posted this week include:

Teaching Video: "Let's visit the farm! (Level 3)"

Music Video: ¿Qué mascota tienes tú?

Pronunciation Video: La pronunciación de las alpacas

Story Video: ¿Tú mamá es una llama?

This week, May 17th-20th, 2021, will be the last Zoom classes for the month of May. Click here to sign up. The focus of the Zoom classes will be "What do I eat for lunch/dinner? (Level 1)" and "Let's visit the farm! (Level 3)".

SimplySpanish will be sending out an email to explain what the summer months will look like.


Sra. Quaid

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